Sensitive skin often makes you very irritated. You often face reddened, dry, and scaly. Sensitive skin can usually be allergic to chemicals and skin care products. During the summer the skin itchy patches can form caused by dry skin and redness.

For sensitive skin wash your face too often can cause the skin to dry and scaly. There are a few tips to care for skin sensitive, use a gentle facial wash and avoid rubbing the face too strong. You should also avoid facial wash that contains perfume. Avoid using cold water to clean, Using an effective moisturizer, sunscreen lotion and use quality.

Here are a few of the right moisturizer for sensitive skin:


This is one of the best products to care for sensitive skin. Formulated to soothe and keep the skin sensitive. Using natural ingredients are nutritious. The ultra-clean formula to minimize the risk of irritation. Rich Matricin & strong-natural Azulene skin calming agents. Help soothe the emergence of reactive redness. Concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid on Rosehip is an important fuel for natural skin repair function. Formulated with soothing quick flare-ups of visible redness and irritation.

Packed full of Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 & antioxidants. The smooth cream is great for skin dehydration to look beautiful. CO2 Chamomile extract superior Germany and Rosehip delivers soothing properties and restorative plants in its most complete.


This moisturizer contains alcohol, so it might need to be tespatch, Trilogy has no essential oils or contain no perfume, but use chamomile, calendula, olive, and evening primrose-thus making the types of sensitive skin breathe a sigh of relief. Even the Trilogy contains hyaluronic acid. Dry skin tends to be difficult to keep the water in the upper layer of the skin, so we need to take care of and fix it. Moreover, if growing, proper skin care is urgently needed. Trilogy has a soft texture, packed in a tube top that has a pretty pump. To wear them you need to take of seed corn and apply it on a face and patting it with smooth. It has a scent that is very vague because of natural materials; barely had the smell. But if I had to describe I would say almost smells like a cup of chamomile tea. It’s recommended!

Beauty care product is good is the key to all the perfection of an appearance of the face. In addition to making it look perfect, the face will look always healthy, youthful, and spared from the effects of the chemicals that are dangerous for life. Having regard to the content of material beauty products, sensitive skin can be spared from damage and fade to normal. There is no reason to delay doing treatment early on with the how to select the right type of product. For sensitive facial inappropriate product selection will make face skin breakouts more vulnerable or too dry. Now is the time change with a more thorough beauty care products chooses the appropriate sensitive facial skin conditions.

Here is a face wash is suitable for sensitive skin:


It is a fact that Murad Redness gel cleanser is a good product for sensitive facial skin. The content of aloe vera gel is an appropriate indicator to soothe sensitive skin. Minty aroma, like cucumbers and thick gel texture, the skin becomes smooth and soft. Clears the formulas at once refreshing.

Patented gentle gel formula cleanses away impurities while calming and soothing the skin. Features of Peppermint Leaf Extract, antioxidant-rich Goji Berry Extract, and strong anti-inflammatories to provide maximum soothing. Pomegranate extract supports skin health and moisture-enriched beads soften rough or dry skin.


Many people become fans of Cetaphil because the price is quite cheap, very soft and comfortable to the skin in order to go back to being healthy. Cetaphil skin care product range provides the recommended the skin specialist and child. In addition to its content is soft and light, all products are Cetaphil has been clinically tested as an ideal product for skin health.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Care Products have a philosophy that the skin should be blissful and not troublesome. Clean, but not chipped. Subtle, yet not greasy. This is the superiority of Cetaphil.

Cetaphil comes from Canada and for 60 years has been dedicated to developing a product that has been clinically tested and proven to be favored by a dermatologist or dermatologists. Which makes the superior is Cetaphil products are formulated with the best content, without the use of chemicals that are not needed by the skin.



This is the brand recommended by dermatologists and surgery for someone who is already doing cosmetic surgery. That’s why I believe in this cleanser and Epionce will not disappoint. This is a gentle facial wash and effective to treat Your sensitive skin, though the worst condition of your skin. Cleansing cream in a bottle pump, free perfume, and fast clean up and provide the freshness of the skin of the morning or evening.

This product gently dissolves makeup, bacteria, pollutants, and dirt particles. The benefit of this product is to increase Your skin’s natural protective, helping to prevent the damage sustained and chronic inflammation. Ideal for: dry skin and sensitive.

Do you have an oily face? If your skin is oily-perhaps a little more difficult because usually when the daytime more oil production, especially if you have a lot of activities outdoors. No wonder again if the morning wearing makeup and then during the day have already washed out. Especially if pores are clogged up, will develop the skin problems are not expected.

Oily skin is not solely caused by unbalanced hormones or genetic factors, but the selection of cosmetics and skin care products that are not appropriately can contribute that can aggravate the skin condition. One of the things easy and basic that can be done is to start cleaning up the face with a cleanser that is appropriate to the needs of oily skin. Following the recommendation of facial cleanser for oily skin.


Laneige Cleansing Oil Free Liquid formula has a soft and able to clean the pores are clogged. It is safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin even without creating irritation. The content of the extract of lemon in it is capable of lifting dead skin cells so that the surface of the skin feels smooth.


Clean your face thoroughly with Your greasy face cleanser Avene Oil Control Foam. The facial cleanser is also capable of lifting the dirt due to oily skin face, clean makeup, as well as restore the freshness of the skin without leaving the taste of dry skin and interested. The content of Avène Thermal Spring Water in it is able to soothe the skin, Cucurbita Pepo to control sebum production. This cleanser also does not contain fragrance and safely used on oily skin and sensitive.


Facial cleansers from The Face Shop is suitable for your facial skin is oily or combination. Textured foam cleanser is able to remove stubborn blackheads result from heaps of oil in the pores as well. Fitted charcoal content in it that either prevent other skin problems arise because it is able to lift dirt and excess oil well.


Clean your face thoroughly with a cleanser that can address the problem of oily skin acne at the same time. There are purifying granules that are helping to care for the skin gently. The gentle formulas come with sensations of cold so it makes cleaning the face becomes more enjoyable.

If your skin is itchy and dry ever to have former white and flaky after a bath? Not just less routinely wear body lotion, but this problem can be derived from the use of less SOAP according to the needs of your skin. Some women prefer the scent is soothing. However for certain skin conditions sometimes require the proper pH balance to avoid the above problem. Select the appropriate texture with the following options.

  1. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar

Bath SOAP bar shape, it is very soft on the skin with the scent that was so fresh. It contains antibacterial and can clean the dead skin cells, this SOAP is very good for the skin and does not cause irritation. Have a creamy foam and also safely used after shaving.

  1. Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Shower Cream

Bath SOAP-shaped cream has a classic scent. The abundant foam gives the sensation of a luxurious bath. Dampen the body with warm water in order to open pores and apply this cream accompanied showers massage light for maximum relaxation effects. Rinse with cold water.

  1. REDWIN Sorbolene Bodywash With Vit E 500 ml

Liquid soap that is rich in vitamin E is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It can soften the skin without lifting a layer of natural oils on the skin, this SOAP will make skin moist awake all day and fit you use especially if you are in a place that has a low-temperature climate.

  1. Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash

Aroma body wash is soft and fresh. In addition, the abundant foam and very nice to soften and moisturize skin. This SOAP can even help flatten the skin color. Safely worn every day, SOAP this one well worth Your try.

  1. the DHC Pure Soap

Rich benefits, bar soap is not only served to cleanse the body, but also eliminates excess sebum potent, makeup, and the rest of the impurities in the skin. Though not flavorful, this magical SOAP could quickly clear and dam of the skin.

  1. the Cottage Extra Nourishing Precious Oil Shower with Argan Oil 250 ml

Argan oil with extract of SOAP contain paraben-free neutral pH and is specially formulated using 98% natural ingredients. In addition, the content of fatty acids and vitamin E his will keep Your hydration level throughout the day.

Wait for what again? Feel the thrill of the perfect bathroom with the best body wash of your choice!

Every woman wants a perfect breast and not sagging. For women a lot of ways to get the beautiful breast shape. One of them uses a mask. Not only the face, breasts should be treated well with eating a healthy diet and use a variety of means from the outside. Not only face, breast skin will loosen when not taking care of and provides good nutrition.

Cucumber mask:

Natural ingredients can be used as a magic potion. But, most ingredients such as chamomile flowers and nettle, now hard to find. But you can still make a breast mask using the cucumber.

Offered from one of the local sites, cucumbers contain a lot of water, vitamin A, B2, and C that could weaken the dark melanin. In addition, the cucumber also could make the skin becomes toned and feels spongy. Make the breast will be lifted and toned.

Vitamin C also contained in cucumber could brighten the skin and remove dead skin cells. Make the breast skin becomes smooth and clean. To create a mask from the cucumbers, mixing with various other natural ingredients. Like lime or lemon and honey. The third of these ingredients in addition to smooth skin can also make the skin become firmer.

Puree the cucumber and mix honey and lemon juice. Once well mixed, apply materials on both breasts that are already well cleaned. Let the herb for 15-20 minutes. After that rinse clean with warm water. If you know how to massage the breasts, breast massage does too after wearing the mask. For added smoothness and skin health, you can use natural oils such as olive or coconut oil for doing massage.

This massage will make the blood circulation around your boobs smoothly. So can prevent from various dangerous diseases, including breast cancer. This mask can use each once a week. Do with the routine to get maximum results.

Concealer created to cover the SAC of the eye, black spots, and acne, so your makeup to be more optimally. Can concealer be used on the oily face? Could be, but you have to find the right concealer for your skin type. Here we will review some of the brands of concealers for oily skin, have better endurance is not even easy to fade despite sweating though.

  1. LA Colors Coverup (Pro Concealer Stick)

Because it does not contain perfumes, concealer is ideal for an oily and acne-prone face. Enriched with vitamin E to provide nutrients to the skin to keep it healthy. Excellence LA Colors this Coverup is having a choice of shades that much that is suitable for all skin tones.

  1. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

This concealer is great for dry skin types. Can hide the black flecks perfectly, even hide the tattoo though. Able to survive in the Sun longer despite the face already sweating.

  1. Radiant NARS Creamy Concealer

Can creamy concealer be used for oily facial skin? The answer is can. But only with NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer. This is a good product for oily skin. Equipped with a multi action formula to absorb oil perfectly on the skin. The ability of NARS Radiant was great to cover pouch and dark eye ring, black spots, wrinkles, and acne scars.

  1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Concealers are durable and give a matte finish. This is one of the much sought after because the concealer can make your face look flawless. How the MAC Pro’s ability to disguise the stain on the face? This product can disguise the acne scars, spots, and also the SAC of the eye very well.

  1. NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer

Have a creamy texture. Very easily applied. But to apply the concealer is required a special applicator brush or sponge moistened powder to be mixed with the perfect face. In addition to these long lasting concealer if used for oily skin. Still are medium, therefore it takes the powder to fine-tune your makeup.

Eye primer is needed in order for long lasting eyes makeup. Moreover, if you have entered a mature skin, eye makeup certainly would be a little difficult because there are few wrinkles around the eyes. To prevent this type of accident, it takes the eye makeup primer. Not only can retain eyeshadow creasing, or fading, color eyeshadow can also be a growing stand-out and increased the power. Especially for women who have the eyelids tend to be oily, eyeshadow primer would be very useful to make the eyeshadow getting durable. If you need an eyeshadow primer that is eyeshadow can make perfect, this is our recommendation for you.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a good eye primer. According to a review from the beauty class or makeup junkies, eyeshadow primer is the best product they have. In addition to making color eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer pigmented also can conjure any eyeshadow become waterproof.

Urban Decay is a legendary product can maintain eyeshadow up to 24 hours. Also, this is not the primary cause of thy eyeshadow creasing on at all. And it’s true! You don’t need to be worrying about the look of thy eyeshadow again using an eyeshadow primer.

Have a dry facial skin may cause skin dull and unhealthy. Besides the dry skin need care from specialized products for dry skin. One of the products that are much sought after woman is currently used BB Cream. Not all BB cream is great for dry skin. Use BB cream that is not right can breakout your makeup. However, do not worry because dry skin can still use BB Cream with the following options:

Dior Hydra Life W Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This BB cream is suitable for dry skin. Dior Hydra can smooth skin, hide the color of the skin is not perfect, and it can make skin tones more beautiful and radiant naturally. Give the perfect freshness, make appear younger.

Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit

BB Cream products from Etude is derived from Korea. Contains SPF 30/PA ++, the face will be freed from the face dry and dull. The content of adenosine and arbutin in it prevents wrinkles or premature aging as well as a natural bleach.

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream

This BB cream has 4 Variant that is essential, moisture, watery, and clearing. Suitable moisture for dry skin because it contains hyaluronic acid that moisturizes and enlightening. In addition, it can wear wattery because it contains green tea and milk glacier that makes the skin look clean and the result is more natural. But for this SPF wattery is smaller than other types. If wattery SPF 25/PA ++, then for moisture, essential and clearing SPF 30/PA ++.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Still with the original BB cream Korea, this time the Missha M perfect cover that turned out to be also suitable by you who have dry skin because it moisturizes and gives the impression of a glowy on makeup. With a higher SPF than another BB cream SPF 42/PA ++, it has 2 BB cream shade that is light beige and natural beige.

When a person gets older, the skin will also become brittle and sensitive skin of the face, let alone be the center of attention when looking at women. The face may show signs of the times. One of the signs of aging that most dreaded is crepey skin. Crepey skin loose, wrinkled skin that has a crinkled texture. Can skin dehydration as you get older. Crepey skin most often found on the body, face, neck, arms, around the eyes, and hands.

Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) including glycolic acid is one of the nutrients that are good for the crepey skin because it fades fine lines and wrinkles. Then the peptides, these substances can stimulate collagen production to smooth and plump your skin. And also, retinol or vitamin A, which can generate a turnover of the cell to get the younger looking skin. Here are 3 the right moisturizer for crepey skin.

  1. SkinCeuticals

This is an extraordinary remedy to overcome the crepey skin, especially in the area around the eyes. Anti-aging substance could quickly nourish. Optical diffusers instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and capillaries while flavonoids and peptides work from time to time to rapidly reduce dark circles and puffiness in the eye. Blueberry extract and proxylane hydrate, nourish and prevent the signs of aging. At the same time increasing skin elasticity and thickness, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines, rough, and wrinkles.

  1. SkinClinical

SkinClinical extreme is the formula which makes the patented hydrating the skin smooth and healthy. Developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), this is a non-irritating moisturizing as well as herb speed healing and resilience of skin by improving micro circulation and oxygenating the skin cells.

Combined with a blend of scents relaxing avocado oil and shea butter so that the skin is not rough and flaky which is clinically proven to reduce trans-dermal water, improves elasticity and increases collagen in 6 weeks. So the skin becomes smooth and soft, and appear younger.

  1. PCA Skin

PCA Skin Serum to give force to brighten dull skin, and refreshes tired skin to make it look smooth, bright and youthful. Adenosine complex and effective peptides reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and body. The content of tea tree can tighten and care for the skin such as hyaluronic acid can bind to Lightweight moisture on the skin. Ekstrakwitch hazel can tighten and shrink pores and extract of honeysuckle makes skin look bright.

Have you different types of dry skin? Check out the following reviews:

Have different types of dry skin often face a difficult problem, the same difficulty with oily skin face. Let alone if it has to be faced with the choice of a proper foundation. If it comes to choosing the wrong foundation will be cracking and may not be fused with the skin of the face. Foundation for dry skin need not be expensive because the few drugstore brands also offer a suitable foundation for dry skin with a quality that is just as good. The resulting formula is able to moisturize the skin, the texture of light and creamy so easily blends with the skin. The following Foundation can also provide the results of the facial skin that looked “wet”, shines, and healthy, as it is usually shown in a Korean makeup look. This is 4 the best foundation recommendations:

  1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

This is a great product for this type of facial skin is dry. Although these products are not intended specifically for women with dry skin, but the active formula contains ingredients that work to balance the skin’s texture and color that makes these products perfect for girls who are dealing with dry skin. With this, Neutrogena skin will look very healthy, fresh, and free from the dull face. It has SPF 20 that can protect your skin from sun exposure. Neutrogena also contains an exclusive blend of antioxidants that help to nourish and protect the skin from pollution that can damage your skin. This product has a variety of colors. If you can’t find a color that suits your skin tone, you can mix two colors to match the color that’s right for your skin.

  1. Dior Nude Water Serum

Use of foundation for dry skin is advised that don’t have a heavy texture. Dior Nude provides a solution for those of you who have dry skin. Regular and routine usage can make face skin into natural resistance 4 to 5 hours without causing the breakout face despite the face already sweating.

The Foundation has an additional form of serum that makes your face ever more glowing if used every day. Liquid textured, so that make the skin breath easily.  There are deposits of SPF 25 that can protect from sunlight.

  1. The Foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix

Why include the ranks of foundation best? Bourjois has a creamy texture and not too creamy, lightly in the face, and have a delicious fruity scent. If used will make the skin look fresher with a bit of shimmer, but not too oily or glowing. Buildable Coverage, but medium and easily blends with the skin. The most I like the Bourjois of Healthy Mix Foundation this is the choice of the color yellow undertone, but not too yellow.

  1. Girl Pro HD Coverage Liquid Foundation

Creamy texture and tends to be runny, very easy to applicate, and the results impressed “wet” in the face. It’s just that this is indeed the foundation takes a little longer to be applied to the face. The best way to apply this foundation is to use egg sponge or fingers, as if using a brush then it would be streaky.