Shaving armpit hair, or trimming their pubic foot is often done by women. The activities of the shaving turned out to be not as easy as buying a hair Shaver, check out the tips below to choose the best hair Shaver for your needs, especially for sensitive skin.

There are two types of the common hair Shaver on the market there is a disposable razor and a refillable razor. Not all hair Shaver works well without causing scratches, so it is very important to know how a hair Shaver works and fits in the hand. Some women choose different Shaver for each Member of the body. Different Shaver for underarms, pubic shear woman and legs.

Choose a Hair Shaver For Women

Choosing the right Shaver can make the difference between a close shave and affected by scratches or cuts. Choosing a good Shaver can also avoid irritation and ingrown hair for sensitive skin. Some hair Shaver there are cooling and conditioning strips that make razors becomes more slippery in the skin as well as cool and moisturize the skin after shaving.

Preparing Skin for Shaved

Use shaving cream helps avoid wound generate good shaving results. The razor must be rinsed as often as possible at the time to shave armpit hairs or bristles so that others do not inhibit the blade and cause injuries.

Prepare the leather to be sheared properly will make the process easier and to avoid shaving irritation. Use warm water or bathing with warm water so the pores can be more open and use an exfoliator on the armpits of women so that the skin is not blackened and in other parts of the body can eliminate dead skin cells that cause the skin rough and dull.

Select the Shaver as needed, either disposable shavers or Rechargeable Shaver. Don’t forget to consider the flexibility of the head of the Shaver to grab the corners hard and we recommend that you select a special Shaver for women because the Shaver was designed specifically for a woman’s body shape which is certainly different from men.

These are the three best female shavers for sensitive skin

  • Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive women’s Razor
  • Schick Hydro Razor Care Sensitive Silk
  • Gillette Venus Razor Disposable women’s Sensitive Skin

Dry skin should not choose Foundation. When you choose the wrong foundation for dry skin, so skin conditions can be drier even raises new problems such as acne, black flecks, and blackheads. Foundation for dry skin is advised that has a creamy texture and light. This is a high-end brand foundation for dry skin that could be an option. Here’s the list:

  1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Ultra

From the side of the packaging look like the MUFE HD Foundation. The difference there is only an additional color of silver on the bottle. For coverage do not have doubt, ranging from light to full coverage depending on the needs. Formulated very smooth on the face, not dry. Maybe because of waterbased, easily penetrated the skin. Suitable all types of skin, normal, dry and greasy. No need to worry about the shades, a total of 40 shades that you can customize with your skin color.

  1. Shu Uemura Face Architect

Shu Uemura Face Architect has 8 shades. Shu Uemura became the favorite for the foundation that wants a light to medium coverage without feeling cakey at all. Their texture is slightly watery so it feels light in the face. If you use this foundation, the face will look super flawless but still natural.

  1. Too Faced Born This Way

Looking for a foundation suitable for skin types it was not easy. But if you seek foundation dewy finish, Too Faced Born This Way could be an option. The ingredient is safe to dry skin and tend to be sensitive. If the skin is dry, the foundation has a content of moisturizer in it that could keep the moisture of the skin of the face.

Detergent products can cause problems for sensitive skin types. Perhaps you’ve felt the skin itches after a using detergent. This could be due to the reaction of the skin sensitive to ingredients in detergent SOAP. The most common detergent ingredients that caused the problem is the coloring. For Your sensitive skin that cannot be exposed to certain ingredients in detergent, try searching online for free samples of fragrance-free detergent SOAP, if you are not sure how your body will react. It will also prevent you from buying a bottle of detergent, only to find out whether the detergent brand is suitable for your sensitive skin. In addition, there are several manufacturers of detergents that have products with the words “free dye” which appears on the label of the bottle. Because some people whose skin is sensitive, be irritation due to these materials.

These are some best laundry detergents for skin sensitivity and allergies

  • Best Allergy Detergents: Babyganics Fragrance-Free

Babyganics is a product that includes detergent, dryer sheets foaming dish, and cleaning products. Products are available at special stores that sell children’s products and online. This detergent-free deodorizer and perform well in removing stains stain except oily. Can be used for the entire family. For protection against Allergy problems,

  • Best Allergy Detergents: All Free Clear

All Free Clear laundry detergent is especially sensitive skin with mid-priced detergent is available in the United States in most Laundry. The product produced by the Sun, it is a good all-purpose detergent that performs well in removing the stain. But for heavy stains will require additional material removal.

  • Best Allergy Detergents: Country Save

Country Save is hypoallergenic detergent that does not contain harmful chemicals, fragrances or dyes. Available in liquid and powder form. Detergent actually contains ingredients that are safe. While in production and available in a few retail outlets in the Pacific Northwest, can also be bought online.

Acne is a serious problem which could not be considered trivial. Skin breakouts can happen due to a few things like when pregnant, hormonal changes of puberty, irritation, smoking addiction, stress, heredity, and side effects of the use of cosmetics. To help solve this problem, you can maintain the cleanliness of the skin and also provide facial treatments are suitable for acne-prone skin types. One of them is using a special best facial wash for skin breakouts.

Routine cleaning the face of desperately needed so that Acne can be lost. Moreover, for those of you who have problematic skin types such as oily skin and breakouts. The type and the material contained therein is obliged to note so that the skin condition acne-prone is not getting worse. Then, what’s the right cleanser for skin breakouts?

Choosing a facial cleanser breakouts can help reduce acne-causing bacteria. In addition, facial cleanser will help lift the dead skin cells which if not cleaned up and mix with sebum can lead to the appearance of blackheads. Here’s some tip choose a facial cleanser for troubled skin and breakouts:

  1. Select soaps or alcohol-free facial cleanser and has a soft consistency.
  2. Consult your dermatologist to find out the condition of the skin and the use of SOAP cleanser which is used to treat skin breakouts.
  3. Select the facial cleanser SOAP match with your skin type (oily, dry or combination).
  4. use a special skin care products for acne-prone skin with ingredients that are able to fight acne. Generally, these ingredients like salicylic acid which is useful to clean the skin pores reduce swelling and redness on the skin. In addition, there are also deposits of benzoyl peroxide that helped lift the dead skin cells and kill the bacteria causes acne.
  5. In order to keep your skin hydrated properly select facial cleansers that contain petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oil, ceramides, and spritz. The content of this keeps your skin stays properly hydrated.

Below are some recommended facial cleanser products.

  1. Facial Cleanser by Exposed Skin Care
  2. Murad Clarifying Cleanser
  3. Burt’s Bees Purifying Gel Cleanser
  4. Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam

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Skin redness, bumps, dry skin, and itchy is a side effect that often occurs after shave. Good women or men are experiencing skin irritation after shaving, caused by a blunt razor, dry skin, or sensitive skin. Use the instructions below to prevent skin irritation after shaving.

These are the tips for proper shave sensitive skin:

  1. Wait until the finished bath of warm water before shaving. Moist skin which becomes easier for the razor.
  2. Do the exfoliation of the skin. Peel seems to be just a waste of time, but your skin will be smoother and the risk of onset of redness and irritation will be lessened.
  3. Always use a lubricant for shaving. Use something to damming of the skin is an absolute imperative. Shave cream specially made for sensitive skin that will shave is the best choice.
  4. Shave in the direction of growth of the feathers. Use shaving movement from top to bottom. If the razor was too pressing the surface of the skin, then it can cause irritation and bumps. Means, the razor from the top downward.
  5. Rinse the area that has been shaved with cold water and pat dry with the way Pat face gently.

Here is the best razor for sensitive skin:

  1. Feather All Stainless Steel Safety Razor

This is a good quality razor from Japan. Razor is devoted to skin sensitive. Use premium ingredients and is a solid product. Does not cause irritation because it is made from the finest ingredients.

  1. the Merkur Heavy Duty 34C

Razor for sensitive skin. Have a button which allows adjusting the exposure of the blade by using a touch. To reach the most sensitive area of the neck, cheeks, and lips. Merkur is very safe to use.

  1. the Braun Series 7

Braun foil Shaver is the best in the world. A good choice for those with sensitive skin, because it has a mode to shave secure capabilities and shaving following the contours of your face. Be sure to select the varian7865cc that has this feature. Razor prices from Germany are indeed more expensive when compared to other products. But it’s a worth it!

Brown skin is very attractive because it looks sexy and glamour. Of course, to bring up that impression, it requires skill and a way of fitting so that beauty can emerge naturally. One of them is to choose the right lipstick color to match the color of the leather base. Learn about the undertone of your skin, it will be relatively easier to choose the color of lipstick that suits your skin.

There are people who are equally brown-skinned, but when wearing lipstick of the same color, it turns out that the result is different. There is that look very natural on her lips, but there is a less visible merge or becomes dark. This is due to the difference of skin undertone. There is a skin that tends to be tinged with warm skin and is called, and there tend to be cold and nuanced called cold skin. Skin Undertone is becoming a key factor the selection color of lipstick that matches.

How do I easily found out undertone skin? Note the pulse on your arm on the side. When the pulse appears in green, then your skin in warm skin hue. When the pulse looks blue and purple, then your skin in cold skin hue. In both, then your skin in the skin’s hue is neutral.

Here is a few matte lipstick for brown skin:

  • Dior Lipstick Diorific Matte Velvet
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
  • Nude Brown Luppies for WOC
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Luminous Modern Revolution-Matte Lipsticks
  • Tom Ford Matte Lip Color

When summer arrives, at noon the music festival has started and your makeup is a mess because of the oily skin makes you feel more like a puddle of oil on the face. Try the primer for oily skin to handle. A helpful primer to help your foundation attaches perfectly and keep your makeup stay in place, especially in the zone of t. T-Zone is the zone that is vulnerable to oil. Therefore primer is needed to support the activity. Here are some of the primary recommended for oily skin:

•BECCA-Perfector Ever-Matte Poreless Priming

This brand from Australia. It is great for oily skin because of its ability to hold back the oil on the face. The primary is different from the others. Becca is a water based primer. After the wearing of leather will look hardened. But it’s not something bad. It makes Your skin matte for up to 12 hours and also minimizes the appearance of pores.

•Laura Mercier-Oil-Free Foundation Primer

Specially made for the face that same oily skin, sensitive and acne-prone. Be used before wearing foundation, to create a healthy glow makeup and lasting throughout the day. Oily-skinned resolved by this product. It mattifies your skin and has cucumber extract which help soothe irritated complexions and antioxidant green tea extract.

•Rimmel Gentle-Stay Matte Primer

Rimmer Stay Matte Primer is the primary face with the mild formula that can minimize the appearance of pores on the face. This primer can control the oil up to 8 hours while wearing this primer will not feel heavy or greasy. The end result of this primary is matte.
This contrasts with other primers products. You can wear this one alone without foundation under or over makeup. This lightweight and able to last up to 8 hours.

Katy Perry. Emma Stone. Madonna. Nicole Kidman. Taylor Swift. Those are some beautiful examples of celebrities who have pale white skin. To be able to look beautiful with this type of skin like that, the first thing you should do is forget the presumption that has pale white skin is a lack. Pale white skin can actually make you look more classic, stands out, unique. If you want to know how to look beautiful with pale white skin, things you need to consider is the use of proper clothing and makeup to add to your beauty. And don’t forget to use a bronzer.

Bronzer makeup product is neutral because it can be used to beautify your dark-skinned or light. For those of you who have pale skin, use bronzer could bring natural Sheen that makes you look fresh and free of tired. Choose a bronzer that has a pink base color for the look of naturally fresh.

This is the best bronzer for pale skin:

  • Liz Earle Healthy Glow, Nude

It’s basically a powder blush, it was created to give a healthy glow throughout the day, and bring a warm flush ‘ color ‘ to the skin are even tend to be pale. The colors rosy apricot really great for pale skin. Color a little pinky makes the face pale so fresh.

  • Collection Of Gorgeous Glow Bronzing Block

Although this product looks heavy on shimmer, but it’s really more ‘ sparkly ‘ than I expected really is a lot more light. Give rise to the impression of dark and sexy. The bronze is very great. It would be great to sweep all over tanned collarbones, too.

  • Illamasqua Bronzing Powder Duo, Glint & Solar

This one smells fragrant soothing! The powder has been mixed with the aroma of vanilla to ‘ sensory experience ‘, which makes using it feel like a bit of an event. Combine two colors left the face looks a little more natural and not pale.

After 25th, the skin starts showing signs of aging, visible pores, dry skin, dark circles under the eyes, and wrinkles. Makeup is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Sooner or later, it will be washed and will leave a stain. What is needed in this very important moment must look after the half? Here are tips on choosing age-appropriate cosmetic so that aging skin look young, passionate, and fresh.

30th Age Category

In this age of thirties, your time will be taken because of a lot of work, children, and families. The situation is this busy, choose skin care products all in one like BB Cream CC Cream, Select BB Cream that contains materials of anti-aging to slow the aging process of the skin. To save your time, choose some supplies important makeup such as foundation, cream blush, lip balm, lipstick, eyeshadow, and more. Then store in a bag of makeup or the makeup of your palette. One thing above all, always uses sunscreen with SPF 15 or 30 per day to protect your skin from exposure to UV A and UV B.

40th Age Category

Now is the time to perform a classic yet modern look anyway. In the age of this, with close-set piercing signs of aging start popping up like fine lines, black spots, and wrinkles in the eye area, and forehead. To reduce wrinkles in the eye area, select eye creams that contain ingredients such as anti-aging vitamin C, collagen. Perfect classic makeup with a touch of blush on suit your skin tone so that it looks natural. Don’t forget to choose a foundation with SPF to protect your skin from the hazards of exposure to UV rays.

50th Age Category

At the age of this middle-aged, signs of aging such as growing the hair color, skin wrinkles and sagging, hair thinning eyebrows. The solution, add color but don’t overdo it. Bone color eyeshadow can give the impression of “little lift” and choose a blush on bright colors to divert attention to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. If you’re not too confident with the eyes, then concentrated attention on the color. To reduce the signs of aging it, choose skin care products anti-aging that suits your skin type.

Choose skin care products wisely and are thankful for the beauty that you have. With a touch of makeup could indeed cover the shortfall, but appeared confident with natural beauty that you have much better. Let’s to be beauty at every age. Hopefully It Helps!


Everyone wants to look beautiful when dressing up, the skin looks smooth and blemish-free is a dream. But usually, the foundation will be difficult to dry skin. To overcome this, consider the product foundation is used. Do you already use a moisturizer? The foundation that used already match the dry skin yet? Choosing a foundation cream suitable for skin types is a great thing to note. Do not let the foundation used thus giving a negative effect on the health of the skin. For those who have dry skin problems, could try the following products.


Foundation cream exodus of The Body Shop is suitable for you who were normal to dry skin. SPF and contain no aroma, the foundation is already the final by dermatologists so it is safe to use for that sensitive-skinned.


This type of Foundation contains oil and is highly recommended for those who have dry skin. Before using this foundation, preferably in advance in order to beat the formula contained in the foundation’s mixed perfectly.
For those of you who have dry skin, you can apply foundation before using make-up. This Foundation gives you the perfect humidity because oil is the main ingredient used by the foundation of this type. The Foundation is very easy to blend with your skin, wear to taste not too thick. This Foundation can make your skin look smooth and radiant.

This type of Foundation is smooth like cream and contain moisturizers. For you who want to disguise fine lines or wrinkles on the face, the foundation is highly recommended. Cream foundation is strongly recommended for those of you who have facial skin and normal. This Foundation makes your skin becomes moist and covers the black flecks also wrinkles, then this foundation is the right media to cover the shortfall with more perfect on the face. This Foundation is creamy textured and thick.